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Corey Rudl

The Ultimate Product:
How Your Personal Knowledge Can
Make You an Internet Millionaire

A recent survey revealed that the most popular class at The Learning Annex, a New York based chain of adult education centers, is one entitled “How to Start Your Own Business.” Entrepreneur magazine reported on a growing trend termed “cashing out”—trading a demanding career for a better quality of life.

How can you can tap into this mushrooming interest of creating a positive lifestyle while operating a prosperous business? What are the options for those who would like to be their own boss, yet don’t want the expense of setting up a manufacturing company or the demands found in retailing?

The answer could be writing and publishing information. Knowledge is power. So why not capitalize on your own individual know-how? Become an “infopreneur”!

Thousands have already discovered the value of utilizing their expertise to achieve their financial goals. The key is identifying your special knowledge, then packaging it into eBook form. What is an "eBook"? It is simply a book in digital format. One that can be read on your computer. Capturing ideas in an eBook and distributing it on the internet often catapults new authors into overnight “expert” status.

Why use an eBook instead of just getting a publisher and using the normal channels that authors have used for hundreds of years? Easy! You are NOT reliant on a publisher to "OK" your book. You are not reliant on a publisher to promote your book. You are not reliant on a publisher to actually get copies of your books into stores where people can buy them. And... the big one? You aren't reliant on a publisher to pay you for your work... AFTER all their expenses have been paid.

When you publish and sell your eBook on the web, there is almost NO cost to distributing your eBook! You already have an internet connection, right? With a few simple tools, you can be selling your information for HUGE profits!

Why is your eBook the Ultimate Product?

  • It is unique. You have NO competition for your specific knowledge.
  • It is valuable. Your hard earned knowledge is worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars to individuals facing the same issues that you have already faced.
  • It can make a huge profit. eBooks have very low incremental cost to produce. It is not a physical product so it costs only pennies to produce and sell additional copies. Could you make a profit if your $37 eBook only cost you $1.73 to produce and sell?
  • You are in control! No one else controls your destiny. No publishers, editors, or bookstores. You go directly to your market.

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So what do you write about? Readers are hungry for creative techniques to help them live fuller, more empowered lives. Do you have a unique approach to wellness, diet, or exercise? Have you found a winning technique for enriching relationships? Do you possess “insider’s” business information?

An eBook is an excellent vehicle for promoting an existing business or service. Those in the healing professions, speakers, entrepreneurs, and countless others have discovered an ebook distributed on the web generates new business and opens doors to exciting new markets. Others have used this method as a tool to actually launch growing publishing companies.

But publishing an eBook can be risky in one way. Printed words on the internet are easy to steal! The LAST thing you want is for someone to steal your valuable knowledge and sell it as their own. eBook Pro takes away that risk!

Click here to find out how you can use eBook Pro to become an Infopreneur and publish your eBooks without fear of theft or copying.